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Homegrown Botanicals & Artisan Bread in Franklin KY

-   ABOUT US  -


Welcome to Leaf & Line! I'm Mandi, a home-based bread baker & herb gardener in Franklin, Kentucky.

I've enjoyed baking for most of my (adult) life, mostly because I love challenges. Crazy, I know. But figuring out how to make something juuuuuuuust right is thrilling for me...


The fact that EVERYTHING tastes better homemade is just a bonus!

Bread fits into that "challenging and delicious" spot perfectly, and I've been trying and tweaking different types for the past decade(ish?). I toyed with the idea of starting a bread business for several years but talked myself out of it each time... Until I finally went ahead and took the plunge in November of 2020.

Much to my surprise, I've stayed VERY BUSY ever since then! 

I have a Kentucky Home-Based Processor permit, which allows me to bake out of my home, and I have upgraded from using our family kitchen to converting our home office into a bakery.

Check out the "How to Order" page for more information about ordering!

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